Upcoming CPD Programs

It is time to start thinking about your CPD requirements for this year.
There are 3 free e-courses available immediately
They are:
EDI E-Course English Hour 1
EDI E-Course English Hour 2
EDI E-Course English Hour 3
Some of you have already taken some of these courses.

I am listing programs that are available or will become available from now until December. Please let me know what you are interested in and I will order them when they become available. You can view them either in the Library or in your office /home.

Most programs will be $135.00. I will not be providing lunch at this time.

Residential Landlord and Tenant Issues for Lawyers and Paralegals 2020 – 1hour 30minutes Substantive
Ethical Issues in Employment Law for Lawyers and Paralegals – 2hrs Professionalism
Family Law Refresher 2020 – 3hrs Sub. & 1hr. Prof.
Six-Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2020 –  3hrs 30m Sub.
Estate Accounting 2020  – 2hrs 30m Sub. & 30m Prof.
Annotated Will 2020  – 2 hrs 15m Sub & 45m Prof.
Key Principles in Commercial Litigation – 2h 30m Sub. & 30m Prof.
Six Minute Criminal Lawyer 2020 – 3h 15m Sub. &  45m Prof.
Six-Minute Criminal Court Judge 2020 3h 45m Sub. & 15m Prof.
Six-Minute Estates Lawyer 2020 – 2h 30m Sub.
Mindfulness between Mental Well-Being and Litigation Practice – 1h55 m Prof. & 20m EDI
Six-Minute labour Lawyer 2020 – 3h Sub. & 30m Prof.
Writing in a Nutshell: Style and Grammar Essentials for Lawyers – 2h Prof.
3rd Motor Vehicle Litigation Summit – Day 1 & Day 2 –  10h 15m Sub. – 2h 20m Prof & 40m EDI
14th Family Law Summit  – 4h Sub. – 2h 20m Prof & 10m EDI
Twelve Minute Civil Litigator 2020 – 2h 20m Sub. & 30m Prof.
Back to Basics: Mortgage enforcement Issues for Real Estate Lawyers – 1h 30m Sub.
Practice Gems: Administration of Estates 2020 – 2h 30m Sub. & 30m Prof.
Auditing and Accounting for Real Estate Lawyers – 1h 30m Prof.
Practice Gems: Probate Essentials 2020 – 2h 30m Sub. & 30m Prof.
Enhancing your Client Experience: Reducing your Risks – 3h Prof.
At issues for Civil Litigators – 2h Sub.
Best Practices in Small Claims Court – 2h 30m Sub. & 30m. Prof.
17th Real Estate Law Summit – 5h Sub & 1h Prof.
Our Civil Justice System: What’s Next? – 2h 30m Sub. & 30m Prof.
23rd Estates and Trusts Summit Day 1 – 5h Sub & 1h 30 Prof
23rd Estates and Trusts Summit Day 2 – 5h Sub – 1 h Prof & 30m EDI
Six Minute Real Estate Lawyer 2020 – 3h 30m Sub. & 30m Prof.
Unbundling Legal services for Family Lawyers– 2h Prof.
Real Estate Refresher 2020 2h 30m Sub. & 30m Prof.
Impaired and Over 80 2020 – 3h Sub. & 30m Prof.

Lynda, Lawlibrary@bellnet.ca