Upcoming CPD Programs

The Six-Minute Criminal Court Judge 2020
3 hours: 45 minutes Substantive
15 Minutes Professional
Cost $150 with lunch

14th Family Law Summit (Days 1 and 2)
9 hours substantive
2 hours: 45 minutes Professional
15 Minutes EDI
This will get you all the credits you require for the year
Cost for the 2 days $300 with lunch.

Six-Minute Criminal Lawyer 2020
3 hours: 30 Minutes Substantive
30 Minutes Professional
Cost $150 with lunch

Criminal Law Refresher 2020
2 hours: 30 Minutes Substantive
1 Hour:30 Minutes Professional
Cost: $150 with lunch

For detailed information regarding these CPD programs go to – https:/store.lso.ca

Please contact me if you are interested in attending and with dates would be good for you.

Lynda Cavanagh at lawlibrary@bellnet.ca