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The law library is located at 41 Court House Square in Brockville.

How we got started:
Minutes from the Leeds & Grenville Law Association meeting held on the 29th day of December 1887 in order to agree on the incorporation of the Association.

“We the undersigned having subscribed for a sum exceeding one hundred dollars for the use of “The Leeds & Grenville Law Association” hereinafter described and hereinafter intended to be incorporated, do hereby declare that it is our intention to establish a Library Association at the Town of Brockville pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the Statute chapter 168 of the revised Statues of Ontario titled “ An Act respecting Library Associations and Mechanics Institutes.” Click to read more

L&GLA Executive 2019

President: James Eastwood

Vice-President: Rachael Jansen

Secretary: Charles Hammond

Treasurer: Felicia O’Hara

Library Committee Chair: Jennifer O’Reilly

Recent acquisitions:

Annotated Ontario Rules of Criminal Practice, 2018 – M. D. Segal, R. Libman – KF 9620 .ZB3 S43

Annual Review of Insolvency Law – J. P. Sarra, Justice B. Romaine – KF 1536 .ZA2 A557 2018

Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s Canadian Precedents of Pleadings, 3rd Edition, Volumes 1 and 2 – KF 8868.1 B85 2017

Canadian Intellectual Property Law – G. Hagen, C. Hutchison, D. Lamett, G. Reynolds, T. Scassa, M. A. Wilkinson – KF 2979 C36 2018

Charter Justice in Canadian Criminal Law, 7th Edition – D. Stuart – KF 9655 S88 2018

Common Canadian Criminal Code Offences and Procedures 2017-2018 – H. Waldock – KF 9220 .ZA2 W35 2017

Consolidated Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and Regulations – C. L. Davidson – KF 1030 .R3 O38 2018

Key Developments in Estates and Trusts Law in Ontario, 2016-2017 Edition – M. A. Yach – KF 753 C76

Managing Ethical and Legal Dilemmas: Critical Thinking in Social Work Practice – R. Birnbaum, C. W. Sigurdson – KF 390 .S6 B57 2018

Ontario Landlord & Tenant Legislation 2018 – KF 590 O585 2018

Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act: Quick Reference, 2018 Edition – D. Robertson – KF 3570 R622 2018

Personal Injury Damages in Canada – K. Cooper-Stephenson, E. Adjin-Tettey – KF 1257 C66 2018

Prosecuting and Defending Fraud Cases: A Practitioner’s Handbook – G. Hession David, J. Shime – KF 9365 D38 2018

Supreme Court of Canada Practice, 2018 – Watt, Beedell, Regimbald, Ragan and Estabrooks – KF 8816 .ZA2 C72 2018

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Personal Property Security Act – Prof. R. H. McLaren, O.C. – KF 1050 .O58 P 2018

The Law of Work – D. J. Doorey – KF 3320 .ZA2 D66 2017

The Ontario Personal Injury Desk Reference: A Plaintiff’s Handbook – D. Singer, S. Razenberg, M. Saini – KF 8925 .P4 S56 2018

The Portable Guide to Evidence, 5h Edition – M. P. Doherty – KF 8935 .ZA2 D65 2017

To Ensure that Justice is Done: Essays in Memory of Marc Rosenberg – B. L. Berger, E. Cunliffe, J. Stribopoulos – KF 8700 .ZA2 T64 2017